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Shower regrouting, sealing and waterproofing specialist in Perth. No cowboys, 20 years experience. We provide bathroom tiling, regrouting and sealing services done at an affordable rate, call Chris at Perth Shower Repairs today.

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10 Year Shower Sealing Warranty

Our shower sealing work is backed by a 10-year materials warranty.

Our premium shower epoxy work is backed by a 10-year product warranty.

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Waterproofing Shower

Our shower regrouting and sealing service is done using only the highest quality European products, leaving your shower with a waterproof seal that’s made to last. We offer top-quality German Polymer Modified grout with a sealant or a high-end epoxy grout. This is used together with a high-grade mould inhibiting silicone to help fully seal and waterproof your shower.

Shower Sealing Reviews

We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Perth Shower Repairs. They assisted us with re-grouting and waterproofing an old shower in our new home. Chris was very friendly and clearly very knowledgeable with high professional standards. Communication was always quick and responsive and there were no efforts to inflate or over-complicate the work that needed to be done. We especially appreciated that they made a special effort to accomodate our timing needs by getting the work done over a weekend. Would highly recommend this service!
Sarah Khouri
Sarah Khouri
04:01 15 Mar 22
Great work and service! Chris is very knowledgable and dedicated. High quality workmanship due to his work experience in Germany. He will take the time to explain (we had issues with a leaking shower that needed fixing). Chris even checked the outside of tbe house for potential water damage. Would definitely recommend him!
Jacq Van M
Jacq Van M
09:13 01 Nov 20
I am out of their servicing area but regardless of this, Chris spent around 40 minutes on a Saturday evening taking me through the steps that I need to complete in order to create sufficient drainage and properly waterproof my home. This has without a doubt saved me many thousands $$ in the long run. Absolute legend!
11:08 20 Jun 20
Chris and Jeremy we are giving you star rating 10 out of 10.Two showers were re-grout, floor waste replaced, tap ware serviced, silicone seals to the entire waterproof area-the job was completed within 2,5 days.Thank you very much, the workmanship, communication were at high standard.We are recommending Perth Shower Repairs service to everyone, 100% satisfaction.Kind regards,Svetlana and UweBentley
Uwe Gollmer
Uwe Gollmer
06:00 06 Jul 19

Sealing and Waterproofing Shower

Shower regrouting and sealing is an option for 90% of shower leaks if diagnosed early.

Waterproofing showers by replacing the grout is the most common solution. However, there are many reasons a shower can leak. Australian showers should be fitted with a waterproof membrane behind the shower tiles. This membrane is designed to allow any water that penetrates behind the tiles and grout to drain into the leak control flange installed at the shower base. Structural shifts in the building over time can damage the membrane. Incorrect installation of the shower membrane can result in a leaking shower from the first day of use. Cracked tiles, damaged grout and problems with silicon seals are other common issues that contribute to a shower leaking and causing damage.

Resealing and Waterproofing a Shower

When it comes to shower waterproofing and sealing, there is no one size fits all answer. Each shower sealing job requires the diagnosis of the problem. Here are the most common problems causing your shower to leak. Once we’ve found exactly what the problem is in your shower, we work to regrout, seal and waterproof your shower effectively and at an affordable rate. Your bathroom is a necessity and we understand the inconvenience of not being able to use it. This is why we work efficiently and precisely to get your job done in a professional manner, without wasting your time in the process.


Shower Waterproofing Perth: Sealing Bathroom Tiles & Grout

Due to high usage, bathrooms can see a lot of wear and tear over time. If grout is not cared for properly, the grout will become soft and lose its ability to repel water.

One of the primary methods to sealing and waterproofing showers and bathrooms is through grouting.

Think of grout as the water-resistant seal helping to keep the water in your shower where it should be and not anywhere else in your bathroom. Our team can help identify areas in your shower that might need regrouting, helping make sure that you won’t need our help again for many years to come.